The Team

Academics, Researchers & Technical Experts

Graham Howe

Executive Head of MADE Cymru

Alan Mumby

Lecturer – IIM

Jaymie Phillips

Lecturer – I4.0

David Jones

Lecturer – I4.0

Will Lennard

Advanced Manufacturing Manager

Lloyd Stoker

Technical Director

Luca Pagano

Senior Research Officer

Dr Akash Gupta (PhD)

Research Officer

Business and Student Support

Lisa Lucas

Industrial Relationship Manager

Amanda Hughes

Principal Project Officer

Neil Cunningham

Principal Project Officer

Lucy Beddall

Project Marketing Officer

Digital Learning and IT Support

Mike Swanson

Digital Learning Manager

Glyn Jenkins

Instructional Designer

Finance and Compliance

Maruf Ali

Senior Project Officer – ESF (Finance and Compliance)

Gillian Williams

Senior Project Officer ADE (Finance and Compliance)