The Sea of Inventory: MADE Cymru shares new animation


The Sea of Inventory is an illustrative metaphor of the problems that are hidden beneath large quantities of inventory in a factory. It is also a concept studied on MADE Cymru’s Upskilling for Industry 4.0 programme (certified by University of Wales Trinity Saint David).

MADE Cymru created the new animation for students to explain the concept in an engaging and simple way. Animation is just one tool used to teach the students on the programmes. Animations can be incredibly impactful when explaining theory and concepts. The Sea of Inventory animation helps the student dive into what issues are lurking in the depths, and find simple ways of tackling the problems to help resurface successfully.

Graham Howe, Principal Research Fellow and Lecturer at MADE Cymru said, “Animation fulfils a cognitive function to support a student’s understanding of a topic. By demonstrating a concept visually, our courses are more engaging, exciting and makes it easier for the student to recall the information at a later date. Using this animation, we not only help students identify waste in their own processes, but most importantly this leads to looking at how they can reduce or eliminate it. And that has a real economic benefit to their business.”

The majority of MADE Cymru students are already active in roles at manufacturing firms in Wales, and the programme has been designed to be flexible and adaptable to suit the needs of employers. There are two variations of the Upskilling for Industry 4.0 programme: a complete MSc course for those committed to achieving a full masters qualification, and a shorter 32-week course that condenses the most important practical knowledge into two modules. These are all fully funded for a limited time (eligibility rules apply).


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MADE Cymru is a suite of programmes designed to navigate organisations through Industry 4.0 via collaborative research & development and upskilling. Part/Fully Funded by the European Social Fund/European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government.