Jaymie started his career in the field of computer science, more specifically as a software engineer. During fulfilment of such roles he spent much of his time mentoring and training developers in software project management. In the rare cases not providing tutorship to junior developers, he was exploring the use of inexpensive embedded systems for medical applications. Having spent time tutoring he realised a passion for teaching and took up a posts with UWTSD lecturing in both Software Engineering and Health.

As part of the health provision at the university he led the charge in streamlining the admissions process and directed the development and delivery of new pathways for the portfolio.

Currently undertaking doctoral research in health innovation, Jaymie happened upon the opportunity at MADE by a chance conversation with the, then head of school of computing, who saw the benefit his background and research could add to the project. With the challenges currently being facred by healthcare and the need for innovative digital solutions, there was little room for doubt that this was the right place to make a difference.