As a Senior Research Fellow working within Innovation & Engagement Ashley is currently engaged on a multitude of projects including the SMART Digital Accelerator program, Ashley brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the team. Before joining UWTSD, Ashley spent 2.5 years as a Project Leader in the field of Non-Destructive Testing, managing a diverse range of projects both commercial and collaborative research initiatives. He has a proven track record of leading and overseeing on-site inspection work, ensuring all guidelines are followed and work is delivered to the highest quality.

Since joining UWTSD, Ashley has utilised his project management and engineering expertise to successfully deliver on a number of projects within the university. Ashley holds a BSc in Automotive Engineering and an MSc in Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation (NDT&E), both from UWTSD, and has a broad range of technical knowledge to drive forward and deliver a wide variety of projects.

Since the R&D side of MADE Cymru has been completed, Ashley has been applying his expertise to a variety of exciting projects with WISA at UWTSD.