As well as benefiting companies and their workforces, the scheme is an investment in the future of Welsh manufacturing. Our programme enables businesses in Wales to take advantage of new and advanced technologies such as additive manufacturing (3D printing) that are available as a result of Industry 4.0

Our process

The ADE programme consists of three key stages. Here’s how it works.

Stage 1

Project scoping

The first stage involves an in-depth look at your business, analysing where advanced technologies could potentially be introduced to increase efficiency or improve product quality. We assess whether your company will be able to take full advantage of ADE – if there are more suitable options available to you, we’ll point you in the direction of these. If we do identify something we can help you with, we’ll work together to define the scope of the project, ensuring that we approach research and development in a way that’s suitable for your company.

Stage 2

Research & development

The second stage builds on the scope we defined in stage 1, researching and developing a prototype. By using the advanced technologies available in our R&D centre, we’ll work with you to explore how new materials, tools and techniques could positively impact your business and increase efficiency in your manufacturing process. Depending on the nature of the project this stage could take between six weeks and six months to complete and companies will have a physical prototype.

Stage 3


Pending the outcome of the first two stages, and the findings of your prototype project, we can also help you to make positive and lasting changes in your business. In stage 3 we can collaborate with you to implement the new technology, process or product into a commercially viable solution. We can support you in accessing the funding you need, sourcing/advising on technologies or introduce you to partners who can help to bring advanced technologies into your manufacturing process.

Is my business eligible for ADE?

Ideal candidates for our ADE programme include small and medium sized companies in Wales that already manufacture successful products and are open to exploring new technologies, products and processes.

ADE is a collaborative process. While we do not require a financial contribution from participating companies, we do expect an investment of time and effort – your involvement and input is something we not only find extremely valuable but is also used as evidence when matching our funding with businesses.

As an EU-funded programme, we’re careful to only select firms that will genuinely benefit from working with us. However, we’re always open to new enquiries – even if we find you aren’t eligible, we’ll do our best to point you in the direction of an opportunity that could help your business to embrace the benefits of advanced manufacturing technologies.

Download a copy of the scheme which is currently being registered with the European Commission:

Download Scheme

Having access to this level of support and expertise is particularly important in these challenging times. At Eddyfi Technology we have positioned ourselves to protect the business during the current economic pressures and are focussing on development activities, so that we emerge from this crisis with a stronger product portfolio. This project is of significant importance to our future business and we are excited about providing a solution to one of the major integrity threats within industry at the moment

Stuart Kenny, General Manager, Eddyfi Technologies

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Whether you know that ADE is the right path for you or are still considering your options, get in touch. Our team can help you find the best way to embrace advanced manufacturing processes in your business.