MADE Cymru talks R&D and Industry 4.0 in Birmingham


MADE Cymru’s Dr Akash Gupta delivered an excellent and engaging presentation at the TCT 3Sixty event in the NEC Birmingham last week. The event looked to develop a real understanding across industry of the potential of additive manufacturing and 3D printing technology. 

The title of Akash’s presentation was ‘Solving R&D challenges via Industry 4.0’ and he finished with one of the retro animations created by MADE Cymru’s Glyn Jenkins (Glyn produces all of our teaching videos and animations). 

Akash said, “Despite the challenging times, it was good to see a generous participation of candidates in the conference. They were really excited to see the range of projects MADE Cymru has been working on, as it gave them a brief insight into the different capabilities we possess as an organisation. Finally, Glen’s animation was the talk of the town in the end!”. 

If you’d like to talk to Akash (he’s very friendly!) or one of the team about Industry 4.0, R&D or anything manufacturing, please get in touch.