MADE Cymru student Lowri Roberts invited to present at prestigious innovation conference in Athens


Lowri Roberts is a Business and Marketing Development Specialist working for Antur Cymru, via a Business Wales contract. Privately, she consults as a Marketing Strategist. She is also studying the MADE Cymru Innovation Management MSc.

Lowri has been invited to present at the International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) Conference in Athens, Greece at the end of November. Lowri collaborated with MADE Cymru’s Alan Mumby, Graham Howe and former MADE Cymru lecturer Jaymie Phillips on a presentation called The Evolution of Innovation Management Courses for Business Growth.

The presentation discusses how a masters course designed to upskill the manufacturing sector in Wales, evolved into a course for improving the understanding and knowledge of managing innovation and new product development for business professionals across Wales. It documents the wider appeal and application of innovation management across different sectors and job roles – going way beyond the manufacturing remit it initially started out with.

Lowri said, “I feel very privileged to be asked to go to Greece. I was overjoyed when I heard our Abstract had been accepted. Looking at the programme there are so many interesting presentations and workshops that I can benefit from and hopefully share. I am conscious of wanting to deliver a great presentation, showing the value of the course for industry. Secretly, I am also hoping for warmth!

I’m excited for the new experiences, meeting lots of interesting people and hopefully gaining more knowledge, I will have my phone and notebook to hand!

My 12-year-old daughter is someone obsessed with Greek Mythology, so I have been told where to go and what to see and how many pictures I must take. She is a little bit envious; I think”.

Alan Mumby, MADE Cymru Innovation Management lecturer said, “It goes without saying that I am super proud of Lowri going to Athens to attend and present at such a prestigious conference. There will be some leading innovation thought leaders in attendance, and this will only enhance Lowri’s learning. She’s a very experienced, intelligent, and energetic student and leader. I’m looking forward to seeing how the MSc impacts her future strategic and practical thinking.”