MADE Cymru Spring Webinar Series 2021


As part of MADE Cymru’s ongoing commitment to boosting Welsh industry, we have organised three taster sessions/webinars delivered by our team of experts.

They are free to attend, please pre-register via the links below.

9:30-10:30, Wednesday 21st April

Who should have an input into innovation in our company?

With April 21st being World Creativity & Innovation Day, it seemed appropriate to focus today’s webinar on innovation in industry.

The first thing is to recognise that the management of innovation is very much an ‘across company’ activity, it doesn’t belong to any particular department – and potentially everyone has a significant part to play. This session will cover the incredible impact innovation management can have on a business and how this thinking is applicable across all roles and sectors. Session led by Alan Mumby.

9:30-10:30, Wednesday 19th May

Could introducing new technologies be profitable for my business?

Used for both prototyping and production in sectors such as medical, aerospace, automotive, furniture and jewellery, new and innovative applications are constantly being developed. Find out how the ADE team at MADE Cymru are working with companies to analyse, de-risk and create complex, efficient products which would otherwise be impossible using traditional materials or methods such as milling and machining. Session led by Luca Pagano, Akash Gupta & Sam Minshell.

9:30-10:30, Wednesday 26th May

Who/What is your Digital Twin?

The advancements in modern technology afford far greater benefits than increased efficiency and speed at which operations may take place. The use of digital technology to aid in prototyping products has not only improved the speed of production but also reduced the waste of materials in demonstrating these prototypes. Recent applications have seen the use of this technology to implement the Digital Twin. Creating a digital representation of a product is useful and through the use of smart sensor technology, greater benefits can be realised especially with real-time monitoring and feedback. Session led by Graham Howe and Jaymie Phillips.

These webinars are brought to you by MADE Cymru, a suite of programmes designed to navigate organisations through Industry 4.0 via collaborative research & development and upskilling. Part/Fully Funded by the European Social Fund/European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government. Delivered by University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

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