MADE Cymru boosts smart engineering expertise with new appointment


Dr Akash Gupta (PhD) has joined the MADE Cymru team as a Research Officer for the Advanced Design Engineering (ADE) project. He will be specifically responsible for providing smart engineering solutions for SMEs to use to navigate their way through Industry 4.0.

Akash is an aerospace engineer with a dual specialisation in computational numerical analysis and rocket & space technology. After working for a year in Research and Development for an oil and gas firm, Akash decided to pursue a doctorate in mechanical engineering. He joined Wales Centre for Advanced Batch Manufacturing as a doctoral researcher, where he worked for three years to mitigate risk associated with 3D printed bespoke medical implants by employing statistical techniques in conjunction with numerical analysis.

Akash said about his new role, “The fourth industrial revolution is a multidisciplinary subset which pulls various streams of engineering into one. Reverse engineering, algorithmic designing techniques using VR/AR, machine learning, AI etc. are not things of the future anymore. They are integrable and are being applied in real-world applications as we speak. Therefore, it is really important for future engineers to be good, if not the best, in several disciplines simultaneously to solve problems in today’s world. MADE Cymru not only provides these smart engineering solutions to SMEs but also educates enterprises on how they can integrate Industry 4.0 in their current solution(s). I believe as an engineer with experience in aerospace, medical and oil & gas, this provides me with a great opportunity to further develop my skills in various other domains.”

Lloyd Stoker, Technical Director at MADE Cymru said, ‘’I am delighted to welcome Akash into the MADE Cymru team. Working alongside him over the duration of his PhD I can confirm he will bring a unique skillset to the ADE project. Akash is a talented, meticulous engineer who excels in computational analysis and will significantly enhance the program’s offering.’’

Outside of work, Akash loves sport, in particular cricket, football, table-tennis, basketball, squash, and tennis. He also enjoys travelling and exploring culture and diversity around the world. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed by the MADE Cymru team that Akash is a talented cook – they are looking forward to finding this out for themselves!

 MADE Cymru is a suite of three programmes designed to navigate organisations through Industry 4.0 via collaborative research & development and upskilling. Part/Fully Funded by the European Social Fund/European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government.

The ADE project offers manufacturing SMEs across Wales the opportunity to collaborate with experts in accessing advanced manufacturing technologies, techniques, materials and skills to the benefit of their company. The team works alongside businesses to seek innovative new ways to develop and manufacture new products and to discover and implement new processes. 

For information about how MADE Cymru can help navigate your business through Industry 4.0, please contact us below or email [email protected]