MADE Cymru and CBM Wales share their expertise to help with NHS Wales’ Covid-19 response.


MADE Cymru is a suite of EU-funded projects delivered by University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD) through its innovative research and design hub, Centre for Advanced Batch Manufacture (CBM).

During the Covid-19 pandemic, they have been providing support to help NHS Wales’ Covid-19 response. As the crisis grows, the NHS in South Wales is treating an increasing number of patients in response to Covid-19 and needs additional supplies in key areas such as patient ventilators and staff personal protective equipment (PPE).

A dedicated team of Designers and Engineers from CBM and MADE Cymru are applying advanced manufacturing technologies to a number of vital projects to support NHS front line delivery.

Luca Pagano, Senior Research Engineer at MADE Cymru, has been collaborating with a local response coordinator Paul Boyce and City & County of Swansea to supply PPE to local hospitals. He recently dropped off 3D printed protective face masks to Morriston Hospital.

Luca said: “The MADE Cymru team helps manufacturers in Wales adopt advanced manufacturing technologies to improve productivity. In the current scenario we have partially steered our capabilities to help the NHS in Wales fight Covid-19. Our expertise and technology allow us to bring concepts to full scale production rapidly, which is vital in a situation where time is critical. It is heartening to see so many other groups in the area collaborating and working together to make a positive impact.”

Professor Robert Brown, CBM Wales Director said: “The key challenge facing Wales’ manufacturing sector is to mobilise rapidly and efficiently to meet the urgency of the situation. This is a unique crisis and we have to work together to provide the right equipment at the right time and in the right place to support our NHS heroes.”

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