For UWTSD – a different take on the “International Autumn Series’


We know that the managing of Innovation is an ‘across the organisation’ activity, it has to be, otherwise, to put it bluntly, it doesn’t work properly. But we must accept that the skills, know-how and in particular our attitude towards innovation can also be affected by the socio-cultural, political, and geographical location of the organisation that we work for. So, it could be that our understanding of innovation here in Wales has a distinctive north west European perspective to it? So to develop an international perspective on Innovation Management, UWTSD has been able to secure a brilliant assembly of guest lecturers who’ll be joining the students via our live broadcasts this autumn.

For example we’ll be hearing from Dr Roger Griffiths based in Dubai who’ll be talking about how the UAE has a vision to become a world leader in innovation.

Alice de Casanove, (Culture Evolution, innovation Director at Airbus) originally from France but now based in Washington DC will be presenting two lectures. The first in September, were as Chair of ISO 56000 series on Innovation Management Alice will put forward her considerations and reflections regarding the impact of these standards on international institutions as well as on the global and local innovation ecosystems. Alice will be back later in the autumn to provide us with an insight of how innovation is manged at Airbus.

Dr Gisele Raulik-Murphy & Darragh Murphy are Design Strategists based in Curitiba Brazil, their talk will be on the relationship between design practice, management and business performance, with cases studies from around South America.

Dr Frank O’Conner from Cork, Ireland who is recognised as one of the world’s leading voices on the subject of the Circular Economy will be discussing circular business models and their implications for international innovation.

Raghavendra Ramakrishna Kulkarni an Innovation Strategist who works for Bosch at their site in Frankfurt Germany will share how Bosch manage innovation – focusing on; the Bosch Innovation Framework and how innovation teams are important to the company.

Dr Andrew Wynn another well respected Innovation Strategist based in Spain will be bringing us an insight into how you manage an International Innovation portfolio in a multinational organisation. Andrew spent several years working in China so I’ve persuaded him to come back again in December to bring us an insider’s view of Innovation and Business in China.

These are just some of the international guests that will be joining us via live broadcasting and we’ll also be joined by other innovation specialists from France, India and Australia.
So, coming on to UWTSD’s International Innovation Masters course is truly becoming a global experience.

UWTSD offers an International Innovation Masters course or a shorter Business Improvement with Innovation Management (Certificate 40 credits Level 7). These are via the MADE Cymru project and at the moment are fully funded for eligible businesses. All the courses are delivered via blended online learning and are designed to be flexible.

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MADE Cymru is a suite of programmes designed to navigate organisations through Industry 4.0 via collaborative research & development and upskilling. Part/Fully Funded by the European Social Fund/European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government.